A wise lady in my life has kindly reminded me that I’m not the only one required to make room for our new little munchkin; everyone in our family has to make sacrifices to create space for this babe. My husband may not have to physically endure his insides being rearranged little by little, but he does  make room in his own ways and often it’s in the many moments when he kindly lends his muscles as I turn our house upside down and switch it around in attempts to make room for the baby.

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A few weekends ago we made a quick weekend trip to IKEA. He patiently loaded up the stroller and helped wrangle our little crew through the show room, found them a quick snack at the cafeteria, and managed to wrestle Elsie and Dominic as they “helped” him push the cart through the market place. He kept his cool while his neurotic pregnant wife broke down about the final purchases to be picked up, encouraged me, and assured me that all would be fine. Yes, he liked the cabinet I picked out. Yes, he thinks the rocking chair is a necessary replacement for the little kid chair I’ve been using to rock Elsie. Yes, the new school table will be a good fit for the basement.



Needless to say, we made it through the warehouse, paid, and daddy worked his magic loading the van. We had accomplished the seemingly undoable, some of us with more poise than others…ahem…(I was definitely lacking the poise, not Matt, just to clarify).

We made the return trip home after having the best of visits with old friends in Atchison. After all of the rearranging of the old furniture there was suddenly room for the new. How exciting! And how grateful I am for a husband that is willing to serve his family without counting the cost: where do you want me to move the shelf now? umm…Let’s try it over there. No, no…over there….you get the idea.


Yes, growing this little one is tough work and no, I still don’t feel well. But, I am in awe of my little family working so hard together to make sacrifices and to serve one another in ever growing ways. And oh the excitement! July will be here before we know it.