We’ve been homeschooling for 1 1/2 years now. Although I’m not entirely convinced that teaching one preschooler entirely counts for one year of homeschooling, but I’m going with it. As our time schooling at home continues to add up, we’ve developed a few key parts of our day. One of those is our rug time. I think this has become my favorite part of our homeschool day and it’s probably due to the fact that we spend a majority of the time reading. For a girl who grew up having her grandma take her to the bookstore annually for a birthday outing, my love for books has quickly transmitted to my children and how we homeschool.

Last year, to engage my preschooler in everything she was learning in her memory work (we are currently a part of a Classical Conversations community and love it – more about that  in another post), we would go to the library and, using a book list from Half a Hundred Acre Wood, find books that would help us learn more about our history and science each week. This year, our reading time has merged with morning prayer, reading from Scripture, and reading from our current read aloud. This past fall I introduced the time we spend praying and reading together as Rug Time to the kiddos and they have since come to (mostly) enjoy it too.


Ava will sit and listen to anything being read aloud – anywhere, anytime. Dominic is working on his sitting skills, but usually needs something to keep his 4 year old body busy while we listen, even if it’s a single matchbox car that he drives in circles around his seat/spot. Elsie is a little different every day. She lasts about 15 minutes and then expects mom to give her the full attention that toddlerdom seems to demand.

My hopes and aspirations for Rug Time is that we can really dive into what is true, good and beautiful together. The conversations we have about Jesus’ life, characters in our favorite stories, and the hymns that we sing each morning will, hopefully, become an ever-growing treasure trove of wisdom which they can carry with them as they go out into the world each day.