Ava discovering holes in the trees at the Outdoor Campus during our visit in Rapid City over Easter.

Whoever first said “a picture is worth a thousand words” hadn’t considered the value of a toddler’s words. Listening to Ava practice with new phrases (some that I wish she hadn’t ever heard, like when I told her brother that he was a pain in the butt and then I later heard her saying that same thing to Dominic) and experimenting with language (like when she can’t reach something and tells me “it’s too harder for me”) has been a joy. I love listening to her made up songs, made up words, the songs she does know the words for, and the conversations she has with me. For instance:

The other day, Ava used the bathroom and asked for my help wiping. As I am wiping her little hiny she says “holy moley.” “Holy moley what?” I responded. As she finishes a huge sigh, “my poop mama. It was a big poop.” Yep, it sure was.

We visited the chiropractor and Ava was helping Dr. Tiffany with our adjustments. Later at home Matt was asking if she had liked helping and if she would be a chiropractor some day. She considered it and said ” I want to be a saint.” I don’t know that I have had a prouder moment as a parent. I’m never really sure what is sinking in and what is falling on deaf ears, so it was pure joy to hear those words out loud from my little girl.

I also had no idea she knew the words to the Hail Mary until the other day when I was working in the kitchen and she was dancing in the other room singing it to herself.

As for Dominic, he has mama, dadda, and bah bah down. “Bah bah” translates into any ball or balloon. And I guess we have a pirate on our hands because instead of “hi” we get “aye.”

I love a toddler with a lot (or a little) to say.