Yesterday morning, as Matt and I were trying to soak in the last few snuggly warm moments in the comfort of our bed, Ava comes bursting in “,Daw! Daw! Daw! Daw! Daw!” “Ava, you would like to go draw?” “Ya, ya, ya.” And that was the end of the warm bed for me.

Our budding artist has taken to drawing with markers lately.

We have a few rules:

1. She must be wearing her apron. I am really really terrible at removing stains from clothing (mostly because I don’t usually make stain removal my first priority, which means it gets pushed to the end of the to-do list every day) and so to ensure minimal damage to her cute clothes, she has to wear her cute little apron.

2. She has to draw on either the lap board or her little card table. The lap board really seems to work better right now since we don’t have an actual chair to go with the table…just a wooden stool that is a little tricky for a 1 year old to sit on.

3. She has to take the markers out one at a time, draw, replace the lid, and then hand the marker to mama or dadda.

It has been a GREAT activity for her to get into. She’s so creative – already trying different techniques with her markers to make dots or dashes and swirls. And I love that she is getting this time to develop her fine motor  skills. I have LOVED watching her marvel at her work and can’t wait to get some sort of display set up so that she can proudly display all of her masterpieces!