It’s hard to believe that our baby girl is already nine months old (WHAT?! how did that happen?).

Currently, Ava has given up crawling (for the most part) and relies heavily on cruising furniture.

She loves music and is always up for a cuttin’ a rug – she has her own little number that she does when she hears a beat.

Her distinctive vocabulary consists of “dada,”   “mama,” and “hi.” She has also mastered the sign for “more” and waves hello and goodbye. She so loves waving hello and goodbye to people that I fear moving off campus where she will no longer have the opportunity to wave at 300+ other people at a time.

A few of her chosen toys right now are a knock-off Beanie Baby style bear from Jamaica and a stuffed monkey from Wal-Mart.

She is enjoying learning how to shovel food into her own mouth, oftentimes forgetting that she already has a pea or two in her hand.

She is, hands down, our greatest blessing.