Yes, we have now had two – two – snow days. The first one I thought was reasonable; no one was sure what the conditions were going to be the following day and Kansas doesn’t exactly have the equipment or the budget for snow removal. So the first snow day we enjoyed ourselves. We baked, did some laundry, and relaxed. Not to mention that Matt didn’t really have to report anything for work for the day, so he spent the entire day with us! (and he also did some homework).

Beginning of the blizzardy day.

Mom's banana bread recipe with a Litt twist: chocolate chips.

Then, came snow day number two. Which is fine. I like having my husband home and all, but it wasn’t even snowing. AND all of the roads and sidewalks had been cleared over night. AND the sun was shining. AND students were getting a little greedy with all of their free time – snow ball fights inside of the halls, playing video games all afternoon (which only bothers me because I have to hear the cursing and screaming that ensues; I have no real qualm with them choosing to waste their brain power on fictional fighting. Their loss). So, snow day number two was a little bittersweet. But Ava and I had more fun with “Dada” around and I even got my kitchen floor scrubbed!! Finally!!

Sister Ava. She thought it was hilarious.

So, in the end, the snow days paid off.

Thanks, BC, for some bonus family time!